Agent Training Resources

Why join Partners Real Estate Group?

We've talked about how it's a priority for us here at Progressive that you're successful as a real estate agent and Partners. So Progressive Property Management and Partners Real Estate Group are sister companies and Partners Real Estate Group is here to make sure that you continue to help clients buy and sell real estate. I've been in this business over 20 years - 23 years. I've sold over 500 or 600 homes. So I know what it takes to be a top producer in real estate. And so we can talk about some of the training we provide to our agents so that you can remain successful in the business or gain even more success. So the first thing we do is we use a software called SkySlope and Skyslope allows our agents to be virtual, meaning that we've got 30 branch managers, we've got over 50 agents in the company and they don't come into the office. We have agents from Temecula up to Apple Valley all the way out to Palm Desert. So we use a software called SkySlope so that we can keep them in compliance. So when you get a listing, you may call our real estate manager. How you are going to structure this, how it's going to work, and get information. But once you find a buyer for that property, everything is going to go through SkySlope. So every document has to be filled, has to be completed, has to be uploaded to SkySlope. And so when your escrow closes, you don't have to run around for paper, you don't have to try to figure out if you've got everything in, you'll know and if you do not have the right paperwork in, we're gonna let you know because you can't get paid without it. SkySlope is a very effective software, transaction management software, that's very user friendly. And once you join the company we will put you through the paces. But I think you'll find it makes you - you're able to be a virtual real estate agent anywhere in Southern California with the software.