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What skills do you need?

So you saw the first video and you think I might want to do management - sounds good  - property management. What skills do I need? Well, property management is different than real estate sales, obviously. It's still a people business. I believe there's a lot more communication in property management than there is residential. Residential, you might get a listing. You get an offer in a week, escrow for 30 days, 45 days, closes escrow, you're done. Property management, you're going to live with that property and those tenants and that owner for possibly three, four or five, 10 years. So the first skill you need to have is communicate well with both owners and tenants. Yes, you have to know the management contract, you have to know the lease contract, which you should be familiar with if you're a California Association of Realtor member. You have to know the laws just like there are real estate laws, there are property management laws. Tenants are entitled to certain rights, such as quiet enjoyment and health and safety and the owners are entitled to certain rights that the tenant abide by the contract. But you have to know those rights so you can speak intelligently to owners and tenants and we help you do that. We'll train you on the laws of property management. The next thing, I think you have to have a certain personality. There is conflict in property management. We have crazy tenants sometimes, and that's fine and we have difficult owners. Your job is to be Switzerland and just tell people the truth about what the laws are, what their rights are. But you do see some disturbing things. You see tenants who don't treat properties well, don't abide by the contract, who get confrontational, who get desperate. They can't make the rent and they need to be evicted. And some people in desperate situations do desperate things. So I think you have to be willing to be relaxed about this, to have an equanimous personality and not get upset too much. But it's really, the nice thing about property management, you're not making decisions so much for your owner. You're educating your owner and you're doing what they tell you to do with regards to the rental property. Ultimately, your job is to treat their rental property as if it were your own. Spend their money as if it were your money, and to make sure that you always abide by the law. And once again, here, at Progressive we are going to educate you, train you, give the tools so that you can be effective as a property manager and have the skills to succeed.