Agent Training Resources

What are some of the basic laws of Property Management?

So we're gonna go over a little bit of residential management training. This is not in-depth. We have a branch manager liaison whose job is to help you and go into the details. We'll have classes at the office on the same ... read more >>

Why add management services?

Hi, I'm Scott Brady and I'm the owner of Progressive Property Management. And this video is for agents, agents who may want to consider adding management services to their array of services as a realtor. So specifically I&... read more >>

What skills do you need?

So you saw the first video and you think I might want to do management - sounds good  - property management. What skills do I need? Well, property management is different than real estate sales, obviously. It's still a pe... read more >>

How much can you make per property per month?

So I bet you're wondering how much money can I make in this property management business? And that's important to understand. I call this the get rich, slow business. Real estate is kind of a get rich quick business. I can... read more >>