Why Use A Property Management Comparison Chart?


Why Use A Property Management Comparison Chart?

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Property management companies offer different products and services.
See how they compare here.

Property management companies differ greatly. Some offer basic, no-frills coverage while others offer a large number of programs and services.

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You may want to compare property management companies before you sign a long term contract, but where do you start? Right here, with our Property Management Comparison Chart. We give you information about Progressive Property Management and several of our competitors.

Not only can you see the difference between a few property management companies in the county where your investment property is located, you can see how they differ depending on the type of property being managed in 22 different areas, including:

  • Time in Business & Basics — We have provided each company’s website, bureau of real estate information and contact information. Customers know that the length of time a company has been in business, their standing with the State of California, and the quality of their website matters. So do we, and we show you how different property management companies fare in these areas.
  • Rates & Fees — It seems as if no two property management companies charge their customers the same way for their services. We have tried to show the monthly rates and fees for every company so you can calculate the total cost a company is charging to manage your property.
  • Customer Service Rating — It is easy to enter a contract, and for most companies, very difficult to get out of. It is best to find out what their currents feel about their service before you become their next client. We have included a link to Yelp! so you can see this for yourself.
  • Types of Properties Managed — Not all property management companies manage all types of properties. Some property management companies also manage multi-unit, commercial, retail, vacation rentals and community associations. See who offers what at a glance.

As you shop and sift through the many property management companies, make sure you choose the one that gives you the combination of price and service you are looking for. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find the right property management company for you.

And remember: Progressive Property Management may not be able to provide comparison rates for all property management companies, but we can give you helpful information about several of them to make shopping for professional property management faster and easier.
Get started now and see how your property management company compares to others.

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How To Compare Property Management Companies

Property management companies all charge differently. Some charge a low monthly rate and then add fees for other services provided, while others may charge a higher rate and have many services included in that rate.

Choosing the right property management company is an important one because they will be handling, on a day-to-day basis, one of your most important assets: your investment property. We believe it is best to have a professional management company handling that investment, because the job of managing your property is a complicated one.

This comparison chart will allow you to see the difference between a number of property management companies in the county where your property is located. We have provided information about Progressive Property Management and several of our competitors.

It should be fairly straightforward to determine the rate and fees each company charges for the management of your property, but gauging the quality of their customer service is more problematic. Since the quality of customer service is difficult to gauge, we recommend you visit each companies Yelp! site for unvarnished reviews by tenants and owners under the management of that company.

Since there are hundreds of property management companies, we tried to pick those companies that represent a cross section of our industry and we are certainly not able to provide comparison rates for all of the companies in your county. But you can use this chart for any other companies you may interview.
Thank you for visiting our site and we hope this comparison chart helps you find the right company for your property

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Why Compare Property Management Company Rates?

It is not unusual to compare the rates and fees of a few property management companies before you commit to a long term contract. That process can be time consuming and tedious as you try to ascertain the rate, fees, services and programs of these companies. It will seem as if no two companies conduct business in the same manner, making this comparison quite difficult.

We understand. In fact, to help you achieve finding the right property management company for your property, we want to give you the opportunity to compare a number of property management companies in one place – in just a few minutes, no less.

It’s simple: just input your property type, your expected monthly rent and where the property is located, then choose to compare our fee with a few of our competitors. That means in roughly eight minutes you will be easily able to compare eight property management companies.

As you compare property management company fees and rates, you may discover that Progressive Property Management offers the lowest rates. Or, you may find another company offers lower rates. That’s the advantage of comparing property management companies in one place, you will have several companies in front of you to make your decision easier.

You may discover that the company charging the lower monthly percentage or lowest monthly fee, does not offer all the programs as others or charges more additional fees which are included in other companies flat fee. You may also discover the company with the lowest rate may also have the poorest reviews in Yelp!. Be certain to check customer service as well as company costs. Ultimately, you should compare property management rates and fees to get the combination of price and service that’s best for you.

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Common Questions about the Comparison Charts

Why would you tell me if one of your competitors had a lower rate?

We believe in “transparency” and making the process of comparing property management companies easier, so we help you compare the rates for Progressive Property Management with a number of our competitors. If another company has a lower rate it will be show on the chart. That company may have higher fees and inferior customer service, but no matter what, we will tell you the truth.

How do you determine comparison rates?

Unfortunately, there is no public site where this information is easily obtained. We have used the company’s website, data from the California Bureau of Real Estate, and calls to each property management company to complete our chart. We encourage all of these companies to contact us with corrections if there are any mistakes.

How do I know these comparison rates are accurate?

Every 3 months we call each company included in the comparison chart and confirm their current rates and fees. If the rates have changed, we obtain the new rates and fees, reprogram our systems and retest the rates. Only Progressive Property Management has a variable rate program (the amount you pay as a percentage of the rents collected depends on the type of property we are managing, and the month we expect to collect on your behalf) and all the other companies offer a “fixed” percentage or fee of rents collected.

What companies are included in the comparison rates you provide?

Since there is no independent list or a ranking of market share of property management companies, we selected those companies that represent of good cross section of property management offerings in your area. We used Google and Yelp! to find those companies most aggressive in the management business. There are hundreds of property management companies, and many manage just a few properties, so we attempted to include “larger” property management companies. There may be property management companies not represented in our comparison rating chart that might offer you a lower rate. Use this chart to compare them to these companies.

Why are there such differences in rates and fees?

A property management company can charge any fee (within reason) as long as it is disclosed to you and you agree to it. The Bureau of Real Estate and the State of California does enforce certain limits to fees, but otherwise, every company is free to charge what they deem reasonable for their services. More importantly, some companies charge a lower rate, and make up the difference on fees and leasing charges. No property management company is under any obligation to make you aware of better priced companies or those who provide better customer service. That is your responsibility.

Will you include my current property management company in your comparison chart?

Since there are literally hundreds of property management companies, and our space is limited, we simply cannot include even a small fraction of all the property management companies with their vast array of business models. But use this chart to compare any property management company with Progressive Property Management or our competitors.