Tenant Evictions: What to Know in Orange, CA


Tenant Evictions: What to Know in Orange, CA

One of the biggest concerns that the owners we work with have is the threat of eviction. They worry about the time, the expense, and the potential for a messy battle with a tenant who isn’t paying the rent of following the lease terms. This is an understandable concern; you’re worried about the damage that could be done to your property and the money you could potentially lose.

Evictions and Just Cause

There are many reasons that landlords may evict tenants, but if rent control comes to California, there are going to be a lot of extra tenants’ rights that are also likely to be implemented. You may have heard of “just cause” evictions, which are becoming more and more popular in tenant-friendly states like California. With a just cause eviction, you can only evict your tenant for non-payment of rent or because they have broken a law.

This concerns a lot of property owners because it means your tenant can live in your home for as long as they want to and you can never increase the rent on them. That’s going to make it difficult on you as a landlord.

Preparing for Just Cause Evictions

There are some things you can do to prepare for this in case it does get more difficult to evict a tenant in California.

First, make sure you do a really good job at screening your tenants. This is more important than ever. You have to really dig into an applicant’s background and make sure they have a history of paying rent on time and taking care of properties. You want to know they don’t have prior evictions and that they earn enough income to afford your property.

We also recommend increasing your security deposit. In California, you’re permitted to charge the equivalent of two months of rent. When you request that of your tenants, you’ll have a little extra financial protection in case you do need to evict someone.

Finally, make sure your lease agreement is detailed and air tight. You don’t want to find yourself in front of a judge before you realize that you left out something critical in the lease document. Make sure you protect yourself and your property as best you can.

fHire Professional Property Managers

Professional Property Managers thumbnailIf you’re not already working with a professional property management company, now is an excellent time to develop that relationship. Eviction is a scary word, but the right property management company can make it less scary. If you have a professional management team on your side, you’re likely to place better tenants and you’re sure to be better protected.

At Progressive Property Management, we protect you from evictions as best we can. If and when your tenant does have to be evicted, not only will we represent you in court, but we will also pay for the whole eviction for you. You will not have to pay a penny. This is possible with our tenant eviction program.

If you would like to learn more about this program and how it can protect you, contact us at Progressive Property Management.