Eviction in Long Beach: 3 Ways to Save Time and Money


Eviction in Long Beach: 3 Ways to Save Time and Money

When it comes to an eviction, there are ways to save time and money. Eviction is often a last resort for most landlords. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you have no other choice, remember these three important things.

Talk to the Tenant

First, talk to your tenants. In many situations, tenants are not going to be able to come up with the rent payment. But if you’re able to talk to them, they might be willing to give up the property without a court fight. This will save you from a protracted legal battle. You will get the keys back and then you can re-rent the property and not suffer the loss of any additional resources.

Time is of the Essence

Second, don’t waste time. California law is very clear about when you have to act. When the tenant doesn’t pay rent by a certain date, you need to post a Three Day notice. If the rent is still not paid within that time frame, you move forward with filing for an Unlawful Detainer. It’s important to remember that every day matters. Each day the tenant isn’t paying is a day you are losing money. Some evictions take weeks and if you don’t act quickly, you’re adding to that timeframe.

Professional Help

Finally, hire the best partners. When you’re doing an eviction, you need a good attorney. There are lots of attorneys, but just a few firms specialize in evictions. Hire the firm with that experience. They know the judges in eviction court, they know the law, and they deal with the rental contracts. You also want to hire a good property management company. Property managers can stay on top of the process for you and we understand that it’s necessary to take action even if rent is one day late. Hire a reliable locksmith too; someone who can meet you at the property once the tenants are evicted, and install new locks. That will help you get a new tenant in there quickly.

Unfortunately, hope is not an option when it comes to evictions. You cannot hope the tenant will pay. Once a tenant does not perform, save yourself a lot of time and money not by hoping for the best but by taking action to achieve the best result.

If you have any questions about evictions or how to handle them, please contact us at Progressive Property Management.