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Management Services

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5-Step Investment Property Certification

Step 1

Market Evaluation — We review current marketing conditions and perform a full market analysis to position your property effectively.

Step 2

Property Assessment — We conduct a thorough assessment of your rental and make recommendations for making the property more marketable.

Step 3

Clean & Show – We transfer all utilities into our name in order to make the transition to a new tenant seamless and easy.

Step 4

Vendor Coordination – We have multiple bids made on any work to be performed and monitor the work that is done.

Step 5

Quality Inspection – Prior to the property going on the market, we will conduct a final quality inspection and address any items not completed to our standards.

Aggressive Property Marketing



Since we are also a full service real estate company, we have every marketing tool at our disposal to give your property exposure to the widest audience possible. Some of the channels we use are SoCal MLS,, Craigslist, and Pennysaver.

We pursue all leads and inquiries promptly whether online, by phone or in person. We will schedule showings, meet prospective tenants or agents, and greet potential tenants in person weekdays, weekends or evenings.

The “Better Tenant System”

After 20 years of managing income properties, we have made the following discovery: better tenants make more satisfied owners. To find and keep these tenants, we have developed a “Better Tenant System”.

The five principles of this system

  • Throw a Wide Net – Attract the greatest number of potential clients.
  • Consider Credible Credit – Use common sense to decipher acceptable credit.
  • What’s the Story? – Why is the tenant seeking to lease your property?
  • Keep to the Contract – Let them know, we keep to the letter of the contract.

Find Positive Cash Flow – Determine the capacity of a tenant to pay the proposed lease.


Contract Execution

Once we have secured the best possible tenant, we will execute a rental contract. You first approve this contract before it is forwarded to the tenant for signatures. Our contracts are approved and authorized by the California Association of Realtors and are “bullet proof” in a court of law.

Tenant Coordination

  • Before Move-in: Once contracts are signed and there is an agreed upon move-in date, we will coordinate that event. We collect the first month’s rent and security deposit with cashiers check.
  • At Move-in: We jointly conduct a walk-through with the tenant and mutually agree upon the condition of the property. It will be documented with digital photography and a 5-page Move In/Move Out Condition form. Keys, remote controls and association information (if applicable) are distributed to the tenants at this time.
  • After Move-in: We assist the tenant with paying on-line and the best way to contact us in the case of an emergency. We also assist with the transfer of all utilities.

Lease Collection & Disbursement

  • We collect the rent per the terms of the agreement and disburse the rental proceeds in the manner instructed by you on a monthly basis.
  • In the event the tenant does not pay on time, we serve the “3 Day Notice to Quit or Pay Rent”.
  • If the tenant does not pay the rent in the contractual time, we coordinate the unlawful detainer action to evict your tenant using the eviction experts at our disposal.

Expense Management

We pay the monthly bills you assign to us and deduct any expenses associated with the upkeep and maintenance. For any expense in excess of $350, we will secure 3 bids for service. We continually look for vendors willing to do the same work for less money without sacrificing quality.

Annual Inspection

At least once a year, a property manager will inspect your property with the tenant in attendance. We wish to accomplish the following with this inspection:

  • Make certain there are not additional tenants at the property who are not on the lease, or pets now at the property not agreed to in the lease.
  • Ask about issues the tenant may not have disclosed.
  • Look for opportunities of preventative maintenance.
Accurate Accounting
  • With your monthly proceeds check you will receive a monthly accounting statement detailing any distributions.
  • We will provide you with a year-end accounting summary or your account and 1099’s.
Ongoing Property Maintenance
  • We provide our tenants with 24 hour contact information.
  • We reduce the cost of repairs and maintenance due to our extensive network of contractors, vendors and handymen.
  • We make recommendations that will not only improve the value of your rental, but also the value of your property should you decide to sell in the future.