Commercial Property Management Experts


Commercial Property Management Experts

After 3 years of unprecedented growth managing residential properties, Progressive Property Management was asked by one of our customers, whose single home we managed, to do the same for his commercial strip center. He wanted us to do for this investment property what we had done for his single family residence rental.

Here are some of the services that make us different from other commercial management companies.

Keep It Simple Fee Structure

Although there may be a minimum fee depending on the type of property, we charge a flat percentage of rents obtained. That fee will be no higher than 5% of the gross rent received.

Maximize Income

We will perform a market survey and adjust rents to the market level. Whether the owner prefers us to implement a Common Area Maintenance (CAM) fee or a gross rent (where the expected maintenance is built into the lease), we will strive to keep rents at an optimal level. We will also make recommendations to improve the marketability of your property to make it more appealing to prospective tenants.

Minimize Expenses

By implementing preventative maintenance and using high quality lower cost vendors, we strive to keep expenses as low as possible.

Aggressive Marketing

We use the most effective marketing tools to attract new tenants should a vacancy arise. We will use on site signage, Loopnet and the MLS to gain critical visibility.

Monthly Inspections/Visits

A commercial property needs more on site management than residential properties. Our staff will visit your property monthly to meet with the tenants, inspect the property and make recommendations to our owners.

Personalized Service

Many companies that manage commercial properties are very large in scope and serve clients equally large in size. Our clients prefer personalized service from a substantial but not “corporate” company. For those commercial property owners looking for individualized service from a local property management company, Progressive Property Management is the right size for them.